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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by EdPDX, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I noticed the 98 Suburban has a leak on the driver rear brakes. It looks like the seal on the axle. I cracked the differential; but I cannot figure how to release the the axle. The pics in both books I have show a different differential. As far as I can tell the one I have is a Eaton G80 with the flywheel gizmo. Is there even a "C" clip? How do I release the axle] :neutral:

    [​IMG] [SIZE="4"This is what I appear to have-cant figure out how to disengage the drivers side axle.?[/SIZE
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  2. Jimmiee

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    Take the wheels off first. Than rotate the diff to the opening with the small 5/16 / 8mm bolt head. Remove this bolt and then push the pin out toward the front. You will have to rotate the housing about 90 degrees to remove the pin. With the pin removed center the differential so the window faces you. Now push the axle inward. It will now move in about a quarter inch. Take a small pocket screwdriver and a pocket magnet and fish out the C clip on the end of the axle. Now you can remove the axle. Reverse the procedure to install it.
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    I understand about the C clip; but I just don't see one. The drawings in the book show where they are; but only in a different model diff.

    Anyone want to upload the original image in my post to a paint program and indicate wher to find this clip? All I can see is the horizontal rollers that throw out the fly gears. There is a pawl behind them; but I don't see any "C" clip or anything near the end of the shaft?!?! :erf:
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    Go to post #2 in this link.. and look at the third pic.

    It is a pic of the diff out of the housing, you will see that the pin is missing from housing, and the bolt that you take out to get that pin out. Once the pin is out, you can push the axles in, you must push them in to see the clips.
  5. Jimmiee

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    Ed, dive in there and take it apart! :)

    Here's a link to a picture.

    Click Here
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    holy smoke- no caps, i'm eating... Just figured out i was looking into the wrong side of the differential. 180 degrees later there are more c-clips than there are sinatra albums. i don't know how i didn't figure this out earlier. i guess the book figure a guy must at least know the anatomy of a diff. if he is willing to take the job on in the first place.

    oh well, its the kind of thing you learn the hard way and never ever forget again that's why i love this forum. ask for help and people give it without making you feel like you don't belong "among us elite mechanics.

    If you ever need to know anything at all about differentials in your life ever, ever again... feel free to contact me... no appointment necessary. :na:

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  7. lowriderinms

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    truck type

    hey do you have the 1500 ore the 2500/3500? there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE AXLES
  8. EdPDX

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    Yes, I have the 1500 w/ 10 bolt. I believe this is the first time I ever cracked a differential. Now that I've done it, I'd probably do it again. I have an older cougar I have been thinking about re gearing. I know it is not the same type of diff; but now that I've had a look at a difficult one, I would consider doing more work on them. I hear swapping gears is not for a novice as they are difficult to align. Still, if its not too involved a task I would attempt other repairs.

    Thanks for all the input. Rock on with your bad self.
  9. doug_scott

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    The difficulty in setting up a gear set is not just in procedure, it is also in tool requirement. Some diffs required shims behind the carrier bearings, that requires special bearing pullers. Some require shims behind pinion bearings, again, special bearing pullers.

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