rear backing plate assembly, 2000 chevy k3500

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by ejap3000, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. ejap3000

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    i have an 2000 chevy k3500 and recently lost a wheel on the free way so i'm having to replace the rear backing. the rear backing plate is loose but i'm having trouble actually getting it off the axle. if someone could give me some advice on how to take this off would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. stephan

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    Hi Ejap, Welcome to the GM Truck Club.
    Your repair job is kind of a "look & explain" proposition since you are there & we're not.. We can't see what you're doing so we don't know exactly what you are having trouble with.:neutral: All you have said is that you can't get the backing plate off. Why?:neutral: You will have to describe to us what you have done so far, what you are trying to do right now, & what is keeping you from succeeding .... or you could call Dion at the psychic hotline lol... We need details....
  3. Bigbomber

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  4. ejap3000

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    sorry, i'll explain it in a little more detail. i took off the drum( actually its on the freeway somewhere) the brake pads are off and i have about eight bolts that i took off on the axle that is on the very end of it, which is in the center of the drum were the bearings are stored. then i took off the four bolts off the rear backing plate which made it loose(hangs freely). i didn't take off the wheel cylinder but was going to later in the day. so, at this point the rear backing plate is loose but i can't slide it off the axle because the part of the axle which holds my wheel drum is too large for the backing plate to slide off. so, i'm figuring that i have to take off a portion of my axle to which is the end of the axle but i don't know how to take off that part to get off the backing plate off.
  5. stephan

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    Hey Ejap, no worries, I was just messin with you with the psychic hotline crack, because I didn't know if you were having trouble finding the bolts, or if you even had anything off yet.
    Before you go any farther you should check & see if any of your local parts houses carry the split backing plates, & if they don't have them in stock they can probably order them for you. If you can't find them locally look online. The beauty of those is that you don't have to dissasemble any more off your axle. You just take a cut off wheel, hacksaw, or tin snips & cut your damaged backing plate off & bolt the new 2 piece plate on. Sweeeeeeet!!:great:
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  8. ejap3000

    ejap3000 New Member

    so far i haven't been able to find a backing plate other than the dealership, i'm guessing that its a one piece and i'm just going to ask them for a blown up view of the rear back axle. thanks for the help though
  9. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    You're right, the dealer is not going to have the slpit plate, cus then they couldn't charge you so much for all the labor to r&i.
    You need to check with the auto parts houses. If no luck there, check all the suppliers online!!
  10. rs6er

    rs6er Rockstar

    Wish I had known about split backing plates before I pulled my axles out!

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