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  1. tryimgtolearn

    tryimgtolearn New Member

    Hi All,
    Brand new to the forum and have a question.

    I understand its next to impossible to diagnose noise problems without actually hearing it but Ill try to explain my situation as deep as I can.

    I have a 2002 Suburban 1500 2 WD

    I started getting a metal rubbing noise that was intermittent that sounded like it was coming from the front drivers side wheel.
    Figured it was the brake pads replaced them
    No obvious signs of uneven wear or anything.

    The noise didnt go away and two days later sounded worse (I mean its loud and constant).

    It is a constant metal on metal sounding rubbing noise
    If I hit a bump it sounds like it pauses for a moment then starts right back up again.
    If I gently apply the brakes the rubbing persists until the truck comes to a complete stop
    If I hit the brakes hard it stops right away even while the truck is still slowing down (Tires moving).
    Then when I start rolling forward it will eventually start up again - sometimes 20 feet sometimes 100 ft but it starts...

    I took the rear tires off last night to change the rear pads and noticed something.

    The rear drivers side caliper (Dual Piston Caliper) only has 1 piston working, the other is in the innermost position and doesnt push out when the pedal is applied.

    Im not exactly sure but is it possible if only 1 piston is applying pressure that the pad is loose in the housing and may be causing the rubbing noise or are there other things I should be looking at?

    If it sounds resonable that it could be the caliper - is it a job that a fairly handy novice can attempt or is it more involved?
    Thankds for any info you may be able to provide. TJ
  2. trapstud

    trapstud Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    It sounds like the caliper needs to be replaced. It will cause uneven wearing on the pads and rotor. It isn't too hard to replace. Just make sure to bleed the line when done.
  3. tryimgtolearn

    tryimgtolearn New Member

    Thanks for the response, sorry for the delay Most of the forums Im on email when there is a response (Guess I have to turn that on on this one)

    Well tried replacing the caliper
    The first one I got didnt fit, the holes were about 1/8 inch off.
    The second, well it didnt clear the pads once the holes lined up (Great store!!).

    So I will try and get replacement #3 in the morning.
    Maybe I need the complete kit pads and all instead of just the caliper in order to get one that fits.
  4. trapstud

    trapstud Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    It could just be the store. I had a problem with part for my durango at Autozone two months ago with a U-Joint being the wrong size. Turned out they went up a year in their system and that u-joint fit.
  5. tryimgtolearn

    tryimgtolearn New Member

    Great call on the yeartrapstud.

    It is in fact a 2003 caliper that fit.

    Unfortunetly it didnt get rid of the metal scraping noise.
    But at least the dual pistons are working now...

    So back to the drawing board.
  6. ecombe

    ecombe New Member

    When you inspected the rear pads, did you notice if they were wearing evenly? I recently replaced mine due to very uneven wear on the driver's side inner pad. Turns out the caliper guide pins were dry as a bone. I suspect that the caliper couldn't "float" evenly when applying pressure. Perhaps one of your pads have worn to the point where the "indicator" is rubbing against the rotor?
  7. Z71_guy

    Z71_guy Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    sounds like it could be a parking brake shoe problem when you changed the caliper/pads did you take the rotor off, if you did what did the shoes look like many times the shoe will come off the backing plate and can actually cause the wheel to lock up

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