Rear cargo doors shuddering and vibrating when driving over bumps

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by ggfitzpatrick, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. ggfitzpatrick

    ggfitzpatrick New Member

    So I just purchased a used and slightly abused 2013 Express 3500 LT passenger van. I say abused because it was a rental and those 42k miles in a year show. The only major concern I can't seem to fix is a strange rattling noise I get while driving. When I go over bumps there is this loud shuddering and vibrating noise that lasts about a second. It sounds as if the rear doors are not latching properly or not mounted appropriately and need to be adjusted. Or is it something major? Thanks for any opinions
  2. Kelmannen

    Kelmannen Member

    have you tried checking the stabilistor rods? i had the issue in my other car just recently and that time it was a bushing on the stabilisator rod to the rear axle, that car hovever has a split rear axle, doesn't know if your van has some kind of stabilisator rod :p
  3. ggfitzpatrick

    ggfitzpatrick New Member

    I am fairly certain the van doesn't have a stabilizer bar for the rear axle. At least none of the pictures I have seen of a stabilizer bar look anything like what I see under the rear of the vehicle, but while I was down there I did notice something, the spare tire was hoisted all the way up into the frame. GUESS WHAT, that was the sound. Rubber of the tire squealing against the rubber of the frame and maybe even the metal of the wheel itself vibrating against the wheel lifting hoist device mounted down there.

    SO, I moved the spare tire directlty upwards onto the floor of the cabin and latched it down with some tie downs and then deleted the wheel hoist thing, and, boom no more noise on the bumps.

    I had previously tried lubricating the door seals and replacing broken trim panel rivets in case it was those pesky trim pieces flapping and shaking. Good to know there is nothing wrong with the doors. I also checked the big rubber bushings the body sits on and those seem fine, and nothing else suspension related was loose or shaky.

    Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    That's awesome you got that fixed. Anything wrong with the spare or the mount that it goes into m
  5. ggfitzpatrick

    ggfitzpatrick New Member

    The spare seemed ok, and the mounting/hoist device seemed to function but there didn't seem to be a way to leave the spare down there. No matter how I adjusted it, the damn thing would vibrate. So I ended up taking the mounting hoist thing off the van and securing the spare in the rear of the cabin.

    Lets hope there isn't some bizzare federal law about the removal of spare tire stowing equipment. And if there is, screw it. Its not like I'm going out on the road without the spare, its still in the vehicle along with a three ton jack and lug wrench.

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