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  1. aedrifter

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    hi my name is tony and i just started a forum and i was wondering if anyone could find me a rear end for 99 silverado 1500 4x4. my diff is going out and was wondering if anyone has a rear end for sale. possibly the diff, axels, rotors, etc. thank you.
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    hi tony!

    someone (or several someones) here may be able to hook you up with the parts which you seek...

    if not, I suggest going to: and do a search of SALVAGE yards across the USA... after searching for a part, there will be a list of SALVAGE yards on the results page, with EMAIL and PHONE contact info... so after searching for just one specific part, send them an EMAIL asking about the other parts which you are seeking.

    alternatively, or in addition to a SALVAGE yard search, try ... select your state, then locality, then search through their AUTO PARTS section (even post your NEEDS on craigslist) ... use of craigslist is FREE (whether buying, selling, or swapping)

    then too, there are CLASSIFIEDS websites, which typically charge some nominal fee for using them to sell stuff. in my local area, we have a thing (hardcopy paper, and website as well) called the "Tidewater Trading Post" (the website, is a subscription cost, to use... I'm just posting it as an example of what elese is "out there")

    good luck with your searches

    - karl
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  3. aedrifter

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    ok thank you karl. yea ive just been looking around forever it seems like and no one can or has the right one i need or just sold it and it sucks sometimes lol. but i appreciate the reply back. oh and if u hear anything just let me know. that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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