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    I have a 1997 K1500 4WD. Yesterday I changed the rear diff to a 14 bolt 3/4 ton rear end. I eventually found that the 1500 U-joints will not couple up to the 2500 yoke. Does anyone know of a U-joint that is made for this conversion or am I looking at ultimately having a drive line shop converting my driveshaft completely? At the same time I switched out my 4 leaf springs to 6 six leaf. Wow! It now sits to high for my liking! Since this is 4WD,would it be easier to just reduce the leafs to a 5 count or raise up the front? If the front was to be raised,what would be the the most trouble free way of doing so? Thanks everyone!
  2. Chris Miller

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    There's no u-joint conversion that I know of, so a new driveshaft is probably your best(and safest) bet. As for the springs, it's easier just to yank out a leaf than raise the front end.
  3. tbplus10

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    Google search for "Spicer U-joints" they recently released a new line of U-joints especially for popular conversions.

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