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  1. rvaillancourt

    rvaillancourt New Member

    hey all my 2004 truck seems to have what they call wheel lock. when sliping on snow the wheels try to lock up on the drivers side rear wheel garage told me transpher case could be low on fluid. changerd fluid did not solve the problem. was told to change rear end fluid that was not the problem .called chevy dealer service teck told me that i had to grease clutch plates in the rear end never herd of that before . this week end going to look to see if i have a caliper hanging up or may be in the drum on the rotar for the ebrake hope i can get some help here .thanks
  2. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    when you say replaced the rear diff gear oil you removed the cover and cleaned to diff box out. also inspected the gears correct ? if not then you have some work to do.
  3. MrShorty

    MrShorty Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Can you describe this in more detail? Do you have the optional G80 gov-lock locker installed? I'm wondering if what you are describing is normal. When one wheel slips, the G80 is supposed to lock up and transfer power to the other wheel. Once locked, it cannot unlock while torque is being applied (so sometimes it will stay locked while cornering), but once the tension is released, it should unlock.
  4. rvaillancourt

    rvaillancourt New Member

    hi j cat . yes i cleaned out the gear box and inspected the gears . i used break cleaner to clean out the box . also chevy cheaped out on their cover magnet. pressure sesitive tape to hold in place my 1979 chevy had a bracket spot welded on to magnet in place .bought the truck used 2yrs ago with 43,000 miles now has 75,000 miles . found red loctight on the cover bolts . some body was in there before. thanks for the reoly

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    hi mr shorty .i do not know if i have that rear end. this hoping only happend a couple of times. enough to make me notice. apon changing gear oil i found red lock tight on the cover bolts .some body was in their before. i like how chevy uses a stick on magnet . it fell out during the cleaning process . i placed a rare earth magnet on the out side of the cover .it strongenough to pull any particles to the cover. thanks for the reply
  5. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    if the gears all look good no cracks and the mesh wear marks are proper the new gear oil which with the G80 should be 75-90wt synthetic. I use mobil synthetic gear oil in my G80. should be no problems in the diff.

    red locktight used on these bolts is not good. your supposed to use THREAD SEALANT. this works good to hold the bolts good and seal the threads from corrosive road salts.

    yes GM uses an adhesive . I used some 5 min epoxy on the magnet as it was ready to fall off.

    this noise maybe the rear park brake drum picked up small gravel or the rear shoes/pads also picked up a small stone.

    most these trucks come with the G80 locker. when the diff lube gets old the diff will bang into full lock. this is not normal . the diff under normal operating not flooring it should ease into the full lock mode. with bad gear oil this gets delayed then it locks in hard. after it locks you will feel the vehicle hop if making a turn with the rear wheels now on solid ground for a very short distance until it unlocks.
  6. trentkoger

    trentkoger New Member

    My '04 does it at times due to the G80 its a common issue, my buddies '03 does it also.
  7. rvaillancourt

    rvaillancourt New Member

    hey thanks for the reply. its still not comforting feeling .first noticed it . when i pulled out of the gas station on to the highway . it was like chuging like it was in 4wheel drive. went down the road 1/4 mile turned to the left on to another road and it did it again.but then was fine all the way home. it only seems to do it when slipping on snow . allways when pulling out or backing out yoy can feel and see drivers side wheel bucking /chuging well thanks for reply

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