Rear-end gears

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  1. joeray007

    joeray007 New Member

    Just a thought...

    Does anyone know what gears are in my 99 'burb?

    C1500, Stock 350 CID, SLT

    Is it 3.42's?
    Is it posi-traction (I don't think so)

    Would it be better to get posi and if so, 3.42 or 3.73?
  2. Crawdaddy

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    If you look at the RPO codes in the glovebox, one of them is for the rear end gear ratio.

    I'm not 100% this list is good enough for truck RPOS, but here's a list. It looks like the RPO code you're looking for starts with a G

  3. joeray007

    joeray007 New Member

    If you pdf is correct, then I have 3.42 positraction limited slip rear.


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