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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rileyjr16, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Got some rear end noise development yesterday and finally got the jckstands back from my brother today so I put the old Coors up with her butt in the air. Put her in gear and it sounds like somewhat of a grind/rub coming from the passenger rear tire. Just changed my rear end fluid in on May 17th. Doesn't seem like the noise is coming from the center section, just the outside part by the tire. Any possible clue as to what it could be before I tear into it tomorrow?

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    Ok new development. Upon entering a state of boredom, I ripped her apart and found.......the parking brake is rubbing against the rotor. Not sure how as they're not engaged but the parking brake never really did work. Thank God its something I can live with.

    Now for the real question, How in the hell do I fix this?
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    Had a blazer of mine doing the same thing a while back, except on the drivers side. Tore into it to find the seal to the axle bearing looking pretty rough and when i got the bearing out it just crumbled in my hand. So it could possibly be your axle bearing causing the trouble.

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