rear end swap 91 suburban

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by wally, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. wally

    wally New Member

    while patiently waitng to find a rear end for my boys truck (gt4 373), he went and bought a 373 12 bolt (off an 80's k5)that is in fact beautifully rebuilt, but as far as i can tell its totally wrong.

    hes got it all installed, but the pinion doesnt seem in any way compatible. he was gonna switch his pinion over , but the seal is all wrong. the pinion (yoke) is too small on the new rear. someone says there is a spicer u joint made for this, i think i may have a new yoke made to the drive shaft, wally wants it done today

    i'm scared that this rear is a lateral move. we were looking for a 14 bolt, he found 12, thats better than 10 bolt right, i'm thinking not
  2. tbplus10

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    12 bolts a good r/r, but if he's hard on the skinny pedal it wont matter what r/r he uses sooner or later he'll replace it again.
    The smaller yoke is supposed to be stronger, I'm leery of using the smaller "U" joints, I always thought it would bind because of clearance issues during articulation on technical trails. But a lot of the guys I wheel with say it isnt an issue to them considering the extra strenght they get from it, I guess it's a trade off their willing to make.
    You can a new ears put on the driveshaft to match the pinion.
    Any chance he can get the driveshaft from the K5? At least then he'll have the ears for the shop to put on, might save a few bucks.
    Heck if ya wanna go top dog look for a Dana 60 or 70, the price on these parts has come down a long way lately.
  3. wally

    wally New Member

    go figure, went down to napa and found a 406 proformer u joint fit both yokes , we.ll see about the binding thing

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