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    Hey Guys,
    I have a 03 Envoy SLE, I just purchased a rear facing child seat for my forthcoming child. I am using the "latch" system and was wondering if it's safe to put the child in the middle of the back seat. The clips for the latch system will reach both sides, but the owners manual is pretty vague on whether or not the child seat can go there.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    We put my son in our 02 Trailblazer smack in the center with one of the LATCH tethers hooked into each side. One on the left, one on the right.

    Never had a problem and it's easier to get to them when they're in the middle, but harder to put them in. Now, I think the GM book says that they never recommend this, but that's got to be some weird legal thing because even the safety person who took us outside at the hospital said she thought it was a good idea. You might want to check with your local fire station if you have any questions or is it doesn't look safe. We didn't think so, so we did it until he was a year old.

    Once he got older and went to his car seat, we put him on one side or another so there is room for at least one person in the car in the back seat, otherwise, it's a tight fit.
  3. dacraig

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    Thanks Steve,
    I'll try it in the middle and then swing by my local fire dept.

    I'm in Ontario, Canada, and we have some really strict laws about child seats, and obviously i'm worried about the welfare of my baby...

    I'll check it out...thanks again!

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