Rear heating and air problem

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    Ill try to keep it fairly short. Im $2000.00 in the hole on my rear air in a 1997 sub. The guy said he replaced everything and he finally thought he had it figured out , said it was the tempcontrol valve under the hood, he replaced that the air works fine and now the heater in the back doesnt work. Anyway, to get some pics or diagrams of the two heater control valves for the front and the back, my Chiltons book doesnt show it. I think he messed up my vacum setup, because only the drivers control works both valves. The heat and the air both work fine in the front. the back only has air. Any help would be greatly appreciated. WI winters are cold need to get it fixed. Thanks!
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    Sorry to hear that you have a parts swapper pretending to be a mechanic. Stop paying to have parts swapped and consider paying for a diagnosis for a repair that fixes your problem. Don't sign a repair estimate unless the mechanic is willing to guaranty the work will FIX THE PROBLEM. If he says replacing the heater core will fix it, don't sign a work order to "replace the heater core", sign one that says "repair non operating heating system." If your mechanic won't do that, go somewhere else. Spending $2000 to fix your heater/ac and only getting half a repair is a ripoff. Consider reporting the incident to the regulatory agency in your state.

    Now that I'm off my soapbox, you can search these forums to find common issues with rear heating. One trouble that crops up is a clogged heater core or heater lines. The heater lines run from the engine to the heater core located at the rear. Cooling systems get dirty and can clog the lines or heater core with crud. You can flush the lines yourself with the garden hose if you want to get your hands dirty.
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    Thanks for the direction to take with the mechanics. I usally do all the work myself. Anyway my heater worked fine when I took the truck in for the air the first 4 times. When he got the air working is when the heat stopped. Im thinking maybe the flapper in the back or the rear controls or he rigged it to getthe air working. Going to check it out myself. But I will be calling that so called mechanic. Thanks for the bit of info.

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