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    i have a 06 crew cab 2wd, over last couple days a bang coming from rear of truck, usually when turning or even hitting a bump, when i got chance to jack it up i noticed i could shake the passenger side wheel, after doing some reading found that a little free play is normal as long as its moving in and out and not up and down. which it is just moving in and out.... so my question is if that is normal than why did it just start doing it? and is there any way to tighten it... or should i check something else...

    thanks for any help
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    We need more specific information about your truck: in particular, is it a 1500 or 2500+? or, in other words, semi-floating axle (1500) or full floating axle (heavier trucks). I'm guessing it's a 1500/semi-floater because your research indicates that this is normal.

    Are you sure it just started doing it, or is it possible this is just the first time you've noticed it?

    I have heard of a few cases with semi-floating axles where the C-clip that holds the axleshaft in place wears. If it wears enough, it can break, which would allow the axleshaft to pull out. If you are getting excessive play due to a worn C-clip, you would fix it by replacing the C-clip. If the C-clip conitnues to wear, there may be additional issues that need fixed. You probably won't be able to determine anything along these lines until you open the diff up and see what the insides look like.

    A bang associated with turning and bumping could be any number of things. I might start with the suspension (sway bar bushings, leaf springs, shock mounts, etc.) to see if everything is tight. I might look at the brakes to make sure they look right, in addition to checking the diff/axle out.

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