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    I have an old set of driving lights that have never been used, how do i wire them up so they can come on with the reverse lights but still be able to turn on when I want to (for that dork that likes to ride my a** in traffic)?
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    You would have to tap into the reverse light wiring and then run the switch in parallel to that wiring. So if you decide to turn the on at will they will have an alternate power source other than the reverse light circuit.

    I drew a quick schematic for you. Hope this helps.

    I forgot to tell you that the switch should get around a 15a fuse and the lights should have 30a fuse. These are the empty square blocks in the lines just after the battery.

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    When I do mine on the jeep I think I'm just going to run them to a switch. Save me some trouble, I hate wiring.
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    I haven't implemented it yet, but I've been planning to tie my porch lights into my reverse circuit. I was going to use a relay and a single pole dual throw switch (SPDT)to control the lights. The center "common" on the switch would go to the coil of the relay. Then one side of the switch would get tied into the reverse light circuit. The other would get tied to 12v constant. So, I'd have 3 available positions: auto, off, and on. This would be the ideal setup for me so that when I need light to hook up a trailer or whatever, I can just kick it to on, but it would mostly live in the auto position controlled by the reverse lights. I plan to do the same for my front driving lights but tie them into the high-beam circuit since I have them aimed to supplement the high beams.

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