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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Howie, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Hey all.. Did my LIM gaskets yesterday, now Im having an issue with no working taillights.

    This is on my 1999 Crew Cab W/t with the L31.

    See my brake lights work, turn signals work, and eveything, its just the running lights (marker lights, dont come on, however my front marker lights come up just fine, same with my liscense plate bolts.

    Now I looked through a diagram online at, and from what I gather, I dont think its a ground issue, because my logic tells me if the ground was not connected, I would get nothing at all from the tail light.

    Which then leads me to look at the brown wire itself, which runs from the park lamp switch through to the parking lights, and other lights on the truck.

    Im thinking a likely spot for failure would be rear lamps harness which says its "ear the tail light extension harness break out" but jeeze. I dont know where that is.. Any ideas?

    Or is there a common fault that I should be looking for? I tried searching, but for the most part I got people with issues of the tailights or signals not working due to the multifunction lever not working.

    Oh.. Incidently, I noticed my oil pressure guage is maxed ouut off the scale. Could this be related?
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    Well you can gain a lot of info with a test light.

    Ground the test light to the chassis not the lamp socket and test for power at the lamp socket. Do the same with the ground clip on the lamp socket. A comparison may provide you with a fix.

    Additionally, if you don't have current with the ground clip at either point, then you are looking back along the wire that brings the power from the light switch/fuse panel. You can work forwards from the lamp or backwards from the switch, whichever is easier for you.
  3. Howie

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    I probed it, and somehow ended up at the driver's headlight, which had a diry connector. Electrical contact cleaner and some steel wool and now my tail lights work!


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