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    Hey there, I am throwing around the idea of building these seat lift kits for people and selling them. These are used mainly for fitting bigger custom sub box's under the seat. It also makes riding back there quite a bit more comfortable since your legs hang down instead of forward. Anyway, the blocks in the picture are 3" steel, and i had a sub box built that got around 3.1 cubic feet of airspace, So I am putting to type r 12's in it with around 3k watts of power. Obviously this is a huge upgrade from the prefab box's you can get on ebay. The kits i am selling just go over the factory bolt, then you put the rear seat on top and bolt them down. I will be including the blocks, nuts, bolts, and washers, all grade 8. I can make anywhere from 2-4" of lift. The ones I built are for a '12 crew cab, but i'm sure other years/cabs wouldn't be too much different to make. Price would be $150 for the whole kit, $170 painted black/white, $225 powdercoated

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  2. Houstonhotrod2014

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    I'm interested in purchasing your kit if it will fit a 2014 gmc quad cab , I can be contacted at
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    @onion21 - I actually have the tubing I need and it's already been cut to the right length. Would it be possible to get the hole locations you used to drill each bracket? Thanks! I can be reached here -
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    Great Idea!!!
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  6. jose ortiz

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    @onion21.......If you still have these kits for sale I would like to purchase two. I can be reached at Thanks

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