Rear shock issues....!!!!!

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    So recently I was looking at the rear of my truck and it looked like the shock absorbers were bent. I looked at them and realized I have a coil spring around my shock absorber. The coil spring is rubbing against the shock absorber. I took my truck to a mechanic friend, he looked at it with a little puzzled face on his face. He has a silverado himself and he doesn't have the coil springs on his. I have been problems with the rear end of my truck feeling like it's coming off the ground when I go over bumps at a slow speed. I told my mechanic that and he really highly suggested me buying Rancho shocks and putting on it. SO.....does anyone else have this on their trucks? Ever had this problem? Rancho shocks good???
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    Welcome to the club. Are you the original owner? If not it sounds like a previous owner installed a helper spring on the shock. Which Rancho's are you looking at. The RS5000's are stiff. I'd go with Edelbrock shocks or Bilstiens, there a little pricy but there great shocks.

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    I think the springs added to the shocks were called LoadLevelers and I think Monroe makes them.
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    I am glad to see that you are working to have this issue resolved. If you have any futher questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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