Audio Rear Speakers In Pillars on 2001 Siverado 1500 Base 2-Door Standard Cab

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    I bought my truck with just the standard AM/FM Stereo radio. I'm in the process of replacing the right door speaker, no issues, I've found the cheap exact replacements through: MN I removed the mounting bracket from the blown speaker. Behind the driver & passenger seats in the upper pillar, there is a grille for rear speakers on each side and the wiring is already present. The radio I have does not indicate in lettering a "fade" control. Though, the knob behind the tuning control does rotate and has a center position. My questions are, if I hook up a 4-ohm speaker (the speaker I removed from front door indicates it's a 4-ohm system) will there be power to the rear speaker at all? Also, what speaker size physical dimensions (OEM) fits in the rear pillars?

    Thank you
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    I think the rear pillars were 4x6's not sure if the wires are powered. You could -just hook up any speaker to the wires and see if you have sound

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