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  1. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    Any body thought of putting H2 Hummer springs in the rear of their 00 and up Suburban. I just towed a 6x12 UHaul to Monterey from the LA area and even though I have Autoride on my 00 Suburban the rear was pretty low. I was thinking about heavier rear springs and wondered about H2 springs. I do not want to lift it too far but do not want a lot of sag when I tow or have 6 people and gear in it either. Those poor rear autoride shocks got a workout man! I run 285/75x16 tires on stock 2004 wheels. Minimal trimming of the wheel well plastic and they work just fine. Does Moog make cargo coils for this application? I have a co-worker with an H2 and am going to check out his rear springs next week (wire diameter and height). Just thought I would ask if anybody has done this.:happy:
  2. unplugged

    unplugged New Member

    You might want to check out the Roadmaster active suspension. Easy to install and they work.
  3. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    The only thing they show for coils springs is for a Crown Victoria.
  4. omegafiler

    omegafiler New Member

    Ahh, if you have autoride (shocks & coil springs), things do get a bit more tricky. I'm sure you can replace the springs, but it might mess with the autoride system. I know people have put a whole new non-autoride suspensions in there and just disable autoride, but you would like get a DIC message everytime you turn on the vehicle. Which I'm guessing could also be turned off via a custom PCM tune.

    I'd call a few places that sell/install suspension components for our trucks and see what their experience is with autoride.
  5. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    I only want to lift an inch or 2. Autoride on mine kicks in when the car is loaded and needs to come back to level, so if was level with weight in it (due to heavier springs) the autoride would kick in less.
  6. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    Just to update the H2 springs have a larger wire diameter, but same outside circumference as the suburban springs but are 1.5 inches taller. As soon as I locate a set I am going to try them out. I've talked to a couple 4x4 shops and when they do a lift on an H2 they will call me to pick up the stock springs.
  7. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    I did it!

    Just so you all know, I looked for used H2 springs for a year and could not find any. So I broke down and bought a new set. Today I installed them. I took some measurements but the pictures did not turn out well of the tape measure. Overall I gained an inch and a half to two inches of ride height. We will see when they settle down what the total is.
    Picture 1 Stock height
    Picture 2 New springs
    Picture 3 Spring difference
    Picture 4 How it looks on the street

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  8. retired2001

    retired2001 New Member

    Looks like you came out well. Has it caused any problems with the auto ride?
  9. CarpenterGuy

    CarpenterGuy New Member

    Get some of those air bag things, or you could add a leaf. It raises up the back 2 inches though.
  10. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    No the pump came on but not for as long as usual. My shocks leak down after a couple of days. So they pump up pretty often. No trouble with the SES light and no codes as yet.
  11. dwill3015

    dwill3015 New Member

    Great info! thanks for the write-up.
  12. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    I took a couple more pictures on level ground so you can see how it looks. The front is still stock...for now.

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  13. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    Air bags are out of the question, it has autoride from the factory with air shocks. Can't add a leaf either, it has coil springs in the rear brother.
  14. newdriver

    newdriver New Member

    any issues in replacing them with H2 springs? did it seat very well? any modifications? thanks for the write up.
  15. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    No issues at all. Springs even used the stock isolaters (rubber anti-squeak pieces at the ends of the spring).
    No modifications required, just undid the lower shock mounts and the upper sway bar mounts and let the axle droop. Then istalled springs and re-installed shocks and sway bar link bolts. I've had them on for a couple of weeks now and have about 300 miles on them. The ride is a little stiffer, but there are no negative effects on my auot ride and no codes have been thrown (SES light). Over all I am happy with it and best of all I have had no conplaints out of the wife (it is her daily driver). She loaded it up with six people to go to a funeral the other day and she did no have to readjust her rearview mirror.
  16. cduke123

    cduke123 New Member

    How is the vehicle running now? Were the springs easy to replace?
  17. cascott325

    cascott325 New Member

    that sound pretty cool. glad its workin for ya
  18. justcuz

    justcuz New Member

    It is running and towing just fine. No issues what so ever. Easy to replace, remove lower shock bolts and upper sway bar links, let axle droop remove and replace springs, reassemble. Probably took less than an hour.
  19. flamecop

    flamecop New Member

    Great info!

    I want to lift my autoride just a little and have wondered how the autoride would react to front key replacement. Anybody with an idea?

    How much do the H2 springs run? Did they settle in at all? Are you still at about 2" of lift in the rear?

  20. flamecop

    flamecop New Member

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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