Rear suspension rattle

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  1. Chevy02Burban

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    Since purchasing my 02 Burb I have noticed a rattle which sounds like its coming from the pass side rear suspension. I recently replaced all 4 shocks with Rancho's and inspected the rear suspension, exhaust and spare tire while under the truck but could not see any visable problems. Funny thing is after replacing the shocks the rattle was gone so I thought.... but it unfortunatly returned.

    One thing I did not check was the coil spring bushing, other than that I am at a loss as to what is causing this anoying rattle.

    I was hoping someone else has experianced this and can help.

  2. Chevy02Burban

    Chevy02Burban New Member

    I still havn't looked into this been very cold here in NJ maybe this weekend I will crawl under. I am betting it has something to do with the coil spring.
  3. Chevy02Burban

    Chevy02Burban New Member

    Hello all, well I am back again with this same damn rattle, it had disappeared for a long time after I replaced the resr springs and rubber insulators but it recently returned. It has to be a bushing of some kind cause it seemed to return when the weather got cold.

    My mechanic looked at it and can't seem to find any bushings that appear worn or damaged. He said it may be the rear sway bar bushings but I think thats just a guess.

    The rattle is only heard when driving at slow speeds over bumps, it does not rattle at high speeds at all even over bumps. Definitly comming from the rear driver side.

    Also my emergency brake cable recently snapped and I was wondering if that could cause a rattle in the rear brake system?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. tbplus10

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    The brake cable could've been causing the rattle.
    I'd also look at the links for the r/r sway bar.
    and look at all the supports for the exhaust.
    Sound has a funny way of traveling sometimes so my search wouldnt be limited to the drivers side rear, I'd look all over under the truck.

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