Rear wheel skid. [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by simonmac, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. simonmac

    simonmac New Member

    The rear wheels on my 98 Burb locked up in a car park after going over a speed hump.(at 2mph). Now it will only drive in 4wd and makes transfer noise every revolution. In 2wd transmission turns and car just rocks forward with every revolution. With brake applied transmission just clunks. Any ideas welcome.
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    RE: Rear wheel skid.

    ??? Locked up as in they won't turn at all? How does it drive in 4wd? Never heard of this happening before without the tranny locking up.
  3. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Broken axle maybe?

    Sounds like a broken axle to me. 2wd no forward motion. 4wd it moves. GM uses "open differentials" that provide equal torque to each wheel. (on the same diff) That means that if zero torque is applied to the left wheel, then zero torque is applied to the right wheel. If you have a broken axle, you get zero traction at the other wheel. See more at How Stuff Works

    Jack up the rear of the burb so that both rear wheels are off the ground. Spinning one wheel should turn the other wheel. If it doesn't, its likely a broken axle. If you don't have a floor jack to lift the rear at the differential, take it to your mechanic and put it up on a lift.

    Open diffs are not the best for serious off road stuff. I would rather go with a locker differential. The air actuated lockers are my choice.
  4. gmcjohnny

    gmcjohnny Member

    it could be broken pinion gear had one break on camero once car wouldnt roll fwd but did roll backwards johnny
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