Rear wheel steering trucks does anyone in the group have one.

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  1. rf58

    rf58 Member

    Some day there will be a page on google about the last one standing .
    Does any one have any stories about them rear wheel steering machines.
    About the time i could afford one they quit making them.
  2. tbplus10

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    When I was stationed in Germany we ordered a new fully loaded Chevy c/c truck with every imaginable option on it, Military overseas vehicle sales gets you the vehicle at slightly above mfg cost, no destination charges, in many cases no tax, no special order charges, but you do have to wait at times upto 6 months for delivery, but without all the extra charges you can afford to load them out.
    Along with all the other options ours had Quad Steer as part of one of the option packages, being overseas for the previous few years I hadnt kept up with new technology in the truck market so I wasnt familiar with the quad steer. In Germany most parking is done paralel so every time I tried to park the truck the quad steer would kick in and I'd end up fighting the truck to get parked straight. Also at high speed the quad steer would wiggle sometimes to stabilize the vehicle if it thought it was losing traction or having stabilization issues, (theres nothing like running down the Autobahn at 100+ and having the rear of your truck shimmy over sideways a few inch's, not once or twice but repeated times) after fighting the truck for control over just who was driving for about 3 months we finally sent it to Great Britain where the closest warranty work could be done. Sadly it fell off the docks while being unloaded in Great Britain and was totalled, GM couldnt replace it with an exact vehicle since quad steer production was ended so they sent us a fully loaded C/C without quad steer and a large rebate check.
  3. Ridyn

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    Accidentally fell off huh?
  4. RayVoy

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    I've never driven one, never saw one; but, it may have been useful for backing under a trailer.

    I can't think of any other useful purpose, and if I remember correctly, it was a very expensive option.
  5. jsmith4816

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    Wow. Exactly how did it "fall" off the docks?
  6. rf58

    rf58 Member

    neat story . i bet that was a sharp truck what year was that
  7. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Yep, I was a thousand miles away when it happened. The GM rep that was ferrying it over said he couldnt figure out where it dissapeared to until he saw some dock workers looking over the side and gesturing, it was standing nose down in 15 feet of water and the tailgate was breaking the surface everytime a wave came by. The dock workers forgot to set the brakes after they slinged it out of the cargo hold and it rolled right off the side of the dock.
    They called me on the phone at work and asked me if I was upset, all I could think of to tell them was the bottom of the English Channel was a fitting place for that piece of junk.
    That was back in 2002, it was one of the first year quadrasteer trucks, later that year they were banned for some reason and werent allowed to be exported to Europe.
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  8. Jaele

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    I'm sorry but that is an awesome story. I can't stop laughing at the thought of a truck peeking through the water. Although at the time I imagine I would be pretty upset.

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