Reassembly of top of Steering Column

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    In replacing my turn signal swich assembly, I took the top of the column off to fish the harness down the column. Couldn't figure out how to get all back together. Posted this a couple days ago and I don't see my post.

    Looked at my repair manual again and it has nothing about top of steering column.
    Determined to solve this, I went after it again today. The dimmer switch rod goes up thru what looks like a nut with the center drilled out of it. Now I am stumped with how to engage the gear in the "can" into the "rack" that operates the real ignition switch. Way more than I bargained for. In the first picture you can see the rod about the 7 o'clock position and the silver thingy top center is the "rack" for the ignition. In the second picture is the "gear/pinion" at the 5 o'clock position. How these get timed is something I have to figure out.

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    Well, I figured it out. I ended up removing the ignition and dimmer switch off the steering column so I could see more of how to engage the "rack and pinion" of the ignition key tumbler. The "pinion" gear that the ignition cylinder engages, has a block that goes in the position below the teeth in the "rack" that is connected to the rod that operates the ignition switch. Took about 4 hours to get everything put back together. Never did find anything to be an aid.

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