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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ChivaLRy, Mar 11, 2011.

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    you're lookin at $500ish for a rebuild kit (that's gaskets, rings, main/rod bearings), 100-150 for an oil pump (always change when rebuilding), and then maybe another 2-300 in assorted seals/parts depending on the shape of your engine. Always tear down first before ordering parts, as you can get kits with pistons if they're worn out. Generally not necessary, but good to know before ordering. cam bearings are $30 if you need them. head bolts are about $30. Should be able to do it with around 900-1000 in parts.

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    If you rebuild , you want to make it better then stock, so those prices are a joke !!!! just say'n...if i rebuild an engine i would not want the same failures like on a oem engine and we all know to well just from reading here what the problems are !!!!!
    So be smart and only pay once !!
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    Much thanks to all the great opinions and advice given here! :)
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    nah that's napa pricing, which is what i always use for GM rebuilds and never yet had a problem. Going with cheapo aftermarket sources could be issues, but this will work fine. Obviously if you want to spend more money, you can get better stuff, and if you're doing more than daily driving, then that's worth looking into :p

    I'm not familiar with issues related to this engine (i'm a 5.7 guy), so I just provided normal rebuild costs. If there are issues than obviously you want to address those as well.
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