Rebuilding the front suspension of my 1990 Silverado ?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by JTWard, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Has anyone ever replaced all of the front end bushings, I bought LCM polyurethane kit 34-0272 for my 1990 1/2 ton Silverado as it was advertised as having Teflon infused in the polyurethane bushings . I'm just about completed the restoration project, I've installed a slightly over-sized front stabilizer bar, ( the heavy duty GM bar is 1 1/4 and I bought one from summit at half the price that's 1 5/16, and I have put one on the back that's 1 1/4 diameter. I have all new springs at every corner so I think I'll feel more comfortable towing heavy loads. While up front, I replace the stabilizer bar end links bushings and the Monroe Sensi-trac shock bushings as well. What has been your experience ??? Thank you !
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    I did it on my 95, it was not that bad getting the old ones out. I just used a clamp and 2 very large sockets to press them in and out. While pressing them out they did not want to move so it took a little heat from a torch. Then they slid right out.
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