Rebuilt ECM Re-install ?

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    Well guys, The ECM came home today. They couldn't fix the old unit , said there were way too many problem with my old unit, so they swapped the prom from my old unit to the but good unit off the shelf. and I showed you the picture of these locking shims ??????? well after ten minutes of screwing around with them I came to the conclusion there is no way their going to fit this ECM so I installed the big plug and the smaller plug, both fit excellently and I put a dab of Loctite Stick-Seal, get stuff, I used a Q-tip and put a dab on each end, Just in case. It gave me a fight fitting up into the ECM Plastic mound and once I had the black steel strap in the one end of the birth and the other around the unit and screwed into it's existing 3/8 flange nut. I called it quits.
    Biggest problem and I did this to myself, is the dash facing from LCM and I used #10 drywall anchors to go into the dash. The problem is, these trucks were built and assembled with the dashboard already put together with plastic studs, which had 10mm nuts already screwed on as a 1 piece unit. Once I had to brake them to install the new air conditioning outlets. Now the headaches start. I tried to use the 10mm nuts to hold on the passengers side air conditioning outlet. I was Very STUPID. I would up going back and installing the drywall anchors and so off it came and I put the drywall anchors in with the Loctite sealant/adhesive. It is the only way to do this with out braking it. I put it in all the anchors and a light coat on the trim strip prongs, waited 15 minutes and making sure the AC outlets still were working and pushed the whole thing together, and I put hand pressure on the whole trim panel in different places. Took about 30-40 minutes for the adhesive to finally to flash off and I could stop constant pressure and I sat back and drank a ice tea and just kept pressure on different places that were not holding straight. But it came out OK. The one thing I need to do is find some 1/16" chrome tape. The trim panel is painted silver a very thin line. The Silver paint wore away So I tried to repaint but my hands shake too much to do anything but make it a mess. I was worn out so tomorrow connect the Battery, fire her up and see how she runs. Do I need to put a little time and miles on the new ECM for it to relearn the truck ? SANY0590.JPG SANY0588.JPG
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    I don't know if the Loctite was a super glue or not but if you ever have to use it the model airplane guys figured out how to instantly cure it. Cyanoacrylate or super glue cures or sets by the absence of oxygen. That's why when you press two parts together it almost instantly sets. But that's only the parts that squeeze out the oxygen. Hold the two parts together and pass a flame closely under the joint and all the glue will set. The flame burns off most of the oxygen setting the glue.

    I know you've already glued it up but keep this in your bag of tricks for next time.

    Now for that strip of chrome. Google an automotive paint store near you and pick up a roll of pinstriping. It comes in different widths - maybe even 1/32? Get the kind with a backing it's much easier to use. About any color you want.

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    Well this Loctite # "Stik'nSeal" is clean, works in winter cold and summer heat. It's clear and if you just use a small amount it's easy to peal it back off so no damage done. But the ECM sits up under the dashboard in it's little mount, and it's got a strap that goes in a slot on one side and has a 3/8's bolt on the other side, and once it's up there there's no vibration or any thing like that that would cause any chance of the plugs coming out. It runs great and I'm going to get miles on it since all it's known is shops and techs. Good Truck, Just the Government would liked to have snatched up in the famous "Cash for Clunkers" program. Being 65 I read the L.A.Times, New York Times, but in the end, this administration or the next or the one after that, but make no mistake by 2045 we are all are going pushed into these tiny Chinese stamped out mini-Suv or Sav. GM Ford or dodge their all your gonna find. And you can buy what don't exist anymore ?
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