Recent purchase 93 1500 sitting on the bump stops

Discussion in 'Lowered & Urban Suspension' started by dogred, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. dogred

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    93 1500 with custom work from Show Trucks USA.
    I do not know if the conversion company did the lowering or if someone else lowered it.

    Does any one have any ideas how to raise the truck up a couple of inches to get the ride off of the bump stops?
    I've had the truck only a few days and have not had the chance to get it on a lift to get a good inspection of the suspension.
    More info soon.
  2. dogred

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  3. dogred

    dogred Member

    Any one have a problem with there lower A arm rubbing on there rim. My rims are the stock.
  4. ChevyFan

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  5. moogvo

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    Is your truck 2 or 4 wheel drive? If it is 4, then you can probably turn the torsion bars up to raise the front. Out back, a set of lift blocks might be what you need. It is really impossible to tell what you need without knowing how the lowering job was done, what they took off or added in to get the truck lower.
  6. tbplus10

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    You really need to get under it and find out how they dropped it.
    If it's 2wd the coilspring spacers might lift the front a little bit but it probably wont hold it off the bump stops long.
    Without knowing the mechanics of the drop I would say you'll probably need to buy new springs front and rear.
    Those spacers only lift 1 loop of the coil, if it's been cut it wont lift enough.
  7. dogred

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    All I know about the front is that it has beltech shocks. The rear had an axle flip done to it. The seller said that the spindles are beltech also. I do not know how they look compared to stock ones. I need to get out to the junk yard to get a look at some stock ones. I think I will just take the rig to firestone or a shop like it to get an opinion of some one who deals with suspensions all day.
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  10. dogred

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    I had to grind the rain channels on the front and rear of the lower control arms. This is a common thing if you run stock 15'' or 16'' rims. Found out that my front end has lowering coils and spindles. I think I will go with some stock springs in the front and that should lift it 2''.

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