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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by R Runner, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I'll start by introducing myself....

    My name is Paul and I have been a car nut for years. I have never
    owned a Chevy truck before this year, but I have always wanted one. I did
    have a 1991 Ford Bronco (full size) that served me well for the last 11
    years, but I hated to work on the thing and (as they all do) it rusted
    pretty badly. I have been a GM Car guy for many years with particular
    interest in Pontiacs. I drive daily an '87 Fiero GT. I also have a IMSA
    tube chassis Fiero race car I built (link to website: ) and a '96 Ram Air T/A . My wife
    drives an '08 Aveo. I used the Bronco to tow a 20' enclosed car hauler,
    but it was all that poor little truck could do. It was not so much the
    6000 lbs of the race car and tools that made it tough to pull, but it was
    the wind resistance from the trailer that was the kicker. I needed to
    upgrade my towing vehicle and I wanted something to haul my family (wife
    and 2 kids). When it was time to replace the Bronco I said "I'm going
    In August, my long time friend (who happens to be a Chevy salesman)
    called to tell me that "my truck" had arrived. I never seem to have any
    money and I told him (as I usually do when he calls with a good deal) that
    I was broke. He said that this was definitely the truck I was looking for
    and he started to tell me about it. Here is the list:

    - 1994 K2500 Suburban
    - 94,600 miles (one owner before the dealership)
    - Lived 95% of its life in Reno Nevada (ie beautiful looking underbody and
    - 454 ci engine
    - Towing package with commercial tires, additional electric cooling fan,
    - 4L80 Transmission
    - 4:10 LSD rear
    - Monotone light blue

    I won't say the price, but it was a steal. I said to my buddy, "Sir, I will there
    tomorrow evening ready to buy if the truck looks as good as you say". I am
    a very picky person and I wanted a truck that was (IMO) RIGHT.
    Well, the truck was fantastic and I bought it that night. I sold the
    Bronco about 2 weeks later. I love my Chevy! As with every
    vehicle I buy, I have to make it "mine" before I am happy. Keeping in mind
    that this truck is my back up vehicle and must work all the time, here is a
    list of my minor modifications so far:

    - Removed the aluminum running boards (yuck!)
    - New front rotors, pads and rubber brake hose
    - New shocks (Rancho 9000 series - rears are adjustable
    - 2000 lb coil helper springs
    - Added a K&N Air Filter
    - Synthetic fluid for everything with Lucas.
    - Added a battery isolator for charging the winch battery in the race trailer
    - Rewired the tow wiring using 8 gage high current wire for the brake and
    power supply
    - Put on a new trailer wire harness connector (7 pin)
    - Added a fuse distribution block for continuous 12V and switched 12V for
    - Added a Transmission temp gage in the dash board ashtray area (with a
    cooling fan for the gage to keep it from fogging)
    - Added a proportional electronic brake controller (no moving parts)
    - POR 15 the rear trailer hitch
    - Underbody coating to the fender wells, frame, and underbody
    - Added a rubber bed liner and cut it to fit. It can be folded to the 6'
    length (with the back seat up) or the 8' length
    - Added custom cases that fit under the back seat to hold jumper cables, tow
    strap, and spare tow ball
    - Added a tool box storage area under the hood
    - Added mud flaps to protect the body
    - Added a double air dam to help (I think) gas mileage. The jury is still
    out on this one. I am currently only getting about 10.5 MPG. Same as
    - Changed the seat back adjustment on the DS. I added one more notch to
    allow it to tilt forward more. This way I was able to tilt the bottom of
    the seat backward. (more like a sports car).
    - Wash, clay bar, wax. Serious interior cleaning (not that it was dirty)
    that took about 2 weeks.
    - Touched up paint chips

    I have done a few more things, but mostly minor repairs (squeaks and

    That is about it for now. I have other ideas, but I am short on cash (go
    figure). I do have a couple of questions, but I'll post those later.
    I am looking forward to being on the forum.
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    Welcome to the club Paul!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Glad to have you here!

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    NICE TRUCK !!!!!!!:glasses:
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    Nice truck, i would get rid of the lower air damn, that just means you are pushing more air instead of less. Most K2500 suburbans dont even come with them on at all, so it would seem the previous owner put it on.
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    Interesting you should say that. It didn't have any air dam on it when I got it. I thought that some one had just not but it back on. I do understand that the double air dam is pushing more air, but the idea is that less air is going under the truck. I ran with 1 air dam for a while and noticed that the engine temperature dropped a little I may take off the second one.

    Thanks for the info!

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