recomend useing gear puller on rotors

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    hey guys I have to change rear rotors on my tahoe they are original been on for 94000 miles. I know they are going to be stuck on pretty good, and i got one bad arm from surgery so im thinking i might have to use a hydralic puller i saw at harbor frieght. its a 12 ton 3 arm gear puller reviews on the site many people used it to pull rotors. but my concern is ive never tried it and worryed if rotor is realy stuck if it might damage the axle or bearings because on picture it looks like the push screw is pointed anyone ever try this ?? ps its an 04 tahoe Z71 4WD
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    ive done a few different things to get them loose (couldnt tell you on the puller though). first is to back off the e brake shoes first as they may have worn a little bit of a groove where they sit which will be where a lot of these rear rotors get caught up on. then you can try to hit the rotor (the cast iron surface near the lugs not the rotor surface) with a sledge hammer to try and loosen any rust, dirt etc that may have built up. after that if it still doesnt want to move you can try to coax it a little by hitting the rotor surface with a dead blow type hammer (so you dont damage the surface). also look to see if there is a threaded hole (or two) next to one of the lugs. if it does its made to have a bolt threaded in to help pull off the rotor (trick is to find the right sized bolt). Once off you might take them in to a shop and see if there is still enough depth to have the rotors turned instead of replacing them. you can usually turn a rotor a couple times before needing to replace unless there is a deep gouge that takes them below the minimum depth.

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