Recommended Dealer for Service in Southeast PA?

Discussion in 'PA - Pennsylvania Chevy Truck Club' started by dan61psu, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. dan61psu

    dan61psu New Member

    Hey everyone - brand new Silverado owner here...not even 400 miles on the beauty...but have a problem that I need to get fixed under warranty. What SE PA dealer do you all recommend for service? I hate crappy dealer service shops, and was very lucky to find an outstanding Mazda dealer with my last car...but that's no more :)

    I am in King of Prussia. Carfagno, Fred Beans, Kelly, Thomas, Del are all nearby. Anone love or hate any of these?
  2. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Damn I guess there arent any good GM dealers in eastern, PA. Hope all went well its only been 3+ years!
  3. jbgjresq

    jbgjresq New Member

    SE PA Recommended Chevy Dealer for Service (Western Philly Suburbs)

    Recommend Del Chevrolet in Paoli - Ask for Joe Holbrook, their most knowledgeable and experienced Service Rep. Been taking all types of GM vehicles (trucks and cars) to him since ~the early 1990s. Honest and excellent.
  4. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Dan61psu did you find one?
    Nothing up here in North East PA, they closed all of them
  5. dan61psu

    dan61psu New Member

    Carfagno in Norristown is OK now that they re did the place. They are timely, quick with actual work, and generally want you to be happy. They could be a tad more professional, but thats somethgin i can look past. I also like Fred Beans Chevrolet in Limerick.

    What i would REALLY like to find is a good garage i can trust to install tires, level kit, etc without charging a few hundred bucks just in labor. I cant find a 'truck-specific' shop anywhere like they have in the south/north. Here in the mid atlantic its all about mall haulers, volvos, and imports.
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  6. KyleZ71

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    In SE PA I like Apple Chevrolet and Thornton Chevrolet around York, PA. For NEPA, I loved dealing with Sylvester Chevrolet PA in Peckville (Scranton). They treated me great, and when I was going to PSU Scranton, their son (army veteran) was polite enough to drive me back to campus while they worked on my truck.

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