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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by cjeff, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Ok I'm a bit confused about what exactly is the recommended oil change interval for my 2010 Silverado 5.3 liter V8. I'm told by both Valvoline and the local Chevrolet dealer here that my truck needs an oil change every 3000 miles. The on board computer brings up the warning at something like 7500 miles, very much like the honda my wife drives. I actually thought about changing to the newer sythetic oil that GM now offers. I'm also wondering at what point the rest of the fluids need changed out in a 4x4 truck?
  2. MTM

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    If you can afford changing it every 3,000 go for it. This is what I've always done since I've had the truck and when I pulled my motor apart for some power upgrades it was spotless inside. My opinion run any Mobile product I'm sure some will say otherwise but I have been a happy owner with Mobile. And as far as the other drive train I've always heard like 75-100,000 on the tranny and rear end. Not sure if this is 100% accurate or not. I changed mine at 50,000 in the tranny, rear end, front diff, and the transfer case
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    Change your oil as often as you can afford as stated above. I had a cousin that had all kind of cool old Chevys and he changed the oil in them every 1000 miles. He said the oil should look as good coming out as it does going in. As far as the type of oil, IMO Mobile one is the way to go. I also like Pennzoil Synthetic. Both will do you very well. Hope this helps. :glasses:
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    I have sevice 3000 -4000 mi with reg. oil 4000+ with synthetic or blend. Go by what the owner manual suggest, how the vehicle is used such as towing towing , enviroment dust , dirt etc It is recomended my truck to be serviced at 4000 mi with synthetic blend but may go ahead at 3000 or less for the first change
  5. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I typically change mine approximately every 5k miles. Usually once the oil service life monitor gets under 40% I start considering it. I use full synthetic and I really choose 5k as a matter of convenience. I also don't do a lot of towing and the conditions are about 50/50 highway city. I've set the goal for 3k, but just end up busy for a while. All of that being said, I looked into this A LOT when I first bought my truck in 2009. With a good oil, you can easily and safely go into the 7.5k range and possibly beyond, dependent on your driving conditions. More often is definitely not a bad thing though. If you wait until you can feel the difference in the engine, the damage has already started.
  6. paracutin

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    Take a look at this thread I started a few weeks back.
    You will see that the 3,000 mile recommendation is no longer applicable. Also, I have read that changing your oil too often has undesirable side effects too. Seems counter intuitive but that's what the author suggests. I will try to dig it up and share it with the group. I really helped change my mind. I was a staunch 3,000 mile guy and I always used Mobil 1.
  7. MTM

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    I've even seen some places say now with new vehicles since they are more efficient that you can stretch even regular oil out to 10,000 miles. This I will never do it's worked for vehicles in the past changing oil every 3,000 or so, so I think I'll just stick to that
  8. paracutin

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    Did you review my UOA? After 9,200 miles on my last oil change and an average of 7,500 miles between previous oil changes I have "one of the nicest 6.0L GM engines we have ever seen". With modern engines, electronics and oil there is absolutely no need for 3,000 mile oil changes any more. I must admit that there is one benefit to more frequent oil changes. It forces people to get under the vehicle and under the hood more often to check things out. It has nothing to do with the oil at all but a good visual inspection can catch problems early. Did you know there are companies with engines that run 24/7-365 and they take oil samples from the running engine to determine when to change the oil? There is a benefit to knowing how your engine looks on the inside and how your chosen oil holds up. Ultimately, regardless of scientific data, you must do what you feel is right for your vehicle.

    In my opinion this is the best oil site on the net. It is truly independent of any manufacturer.
  9. MTM

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    yea i did i actually commented on it. And yea that's awesome to see results like that. I've done the 3,000 oil change since I've had this truck and have run mobile oil since I've had it and when i pulled the motor apart it was spotless on the inside. There was a very minimal amount of build up and it has 115,000 miles on it. But it's like what you said it's whatever you feel is right for your motor
  10. elkhornsun

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    In the 1950's and 1960's it made sense to change to change the oil every 3000 miles to keep the engine running as long as possible. In those days a car or truck with 100K miles on it was ready for the scrap yard. With advances in metals and lubricants over the past 40 years it is now common for engines to run for 200K or even 300K miles. There is no benefit to changing your oil more often other than to line the pockets of the oil companies and service operations.

    Another advancement in the past 10 years are computers that monitor the type of driving being done and calculate when the oil needs to be changed. Lots of short trips and time spent idling and time will accelerate the breakdown of the lubricants and their additives - think taxi cabs. This is considered to be heavy use and oil changes need to be done more often.

    I have done oil changes at 7500 miles as recommended for 3 different Toyota 4WD trucks which operate at high RPMs much of the time and put more than 200K on each of them with no problems with the engines which were still running strong when I sold the trucks. I always used the best motor oil, Castrol, for these high reving engines and would not put anything else in them.

    My current 2011 2500HD diesel has a recommended oil change interval of 25K miles and with the synthetic oils this is to be expected. With lots of short trips I have been making with the truck so far the computer in the truck is now recommending an oil change at around 14K miles based on my current driving pattern.

    Heavy hauling or towing will also shorten the intervals between engine oil changes and transmission fluid intervals as well. Coolant and brake fluid are more time based with coolant to be changed after 5 years

    For my 2011 2500HD diesel I put together this list of the maintenance needed at different points. Oil changes though will actually be based upon the truck computer which integrates my driving pattern. Driving 1000 miles over a period of 15 hours at 65 MPH is not nearly as hard on the engine as driving that 1000 miles over a period of 50 days with an average of trip distance of 10 miles during which time the engine is running cold most of the time.

    7,500 miles - change external transmission filter, rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    15,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    22,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    25,000 miles - change engine oil, lube front suspension, steering linkage, cables,
    30,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    37,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    45,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    50,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, replace air filter, change trans fluid and filter
    52,500 - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    60,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    67,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    75,000 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts, change engine oil and filter
    82,500 miles - rotate tires, torque wheel nuts
    100,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, transmission and transfer case fluids, trans filter,
    and replace air filter

    125,000 miles - change engine oil and filter, replace coolant and flush system

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