Recommended size of tyres/wheels on Tahoe 2005

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  1. PeterR

    PeterR New Member

    What are the prefered/recommended size of tyres/wheels on a 2005 Tahoe ?

    I think the standard tyres/wheels are too small (thin) and consider to buy some 20" Invision Panther rims. Either in black or chrome.
    (my Tahoe is black)



    Any experinces with these and what do you think ?
    Are the 4x4 something to be taken care of ?
    (as rims are mentioned as either rear whhel drive or front wheel drive)

    Thanks for any advice... ;)
    Best Regards
    Peter Romer
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    What are you looking to do? Wheels and tires can be changed to help you do a number of different things from going low to going 4x4 high.
  3. PeterR

    PeterR New Member

    Tyres a& Rims

    Actually neither. What I am going for is wider tires that stick more to the ground than the default does, and then have a set of really nice rims.
    (when you are at making changes anyway)
    If low/high it would be low. As in my opinion low profiles tyres looks better/better grip on a normal road. I was in generel looking for any recommendations.

    Peter Romer

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