Recon LED Tail Light Issue -- 2011 Silverado

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by 2011laserblue, May 3, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    Well....this morning my tail lights showed up at my front door and I couldn't have been more excited


    I think they'll look nice on my truck....when I can get them figured out (pay no attention to the pink MacBook and People Magazine...not mine :lol:)

    So here's the issue:

    Took off the stock light and when I went to put the Recon's in....they wouldn't fit. I checked my order summary to make sure I did not accidentally order the lights for dually's, and my order sheet indicates that I did not.

    I did however notice that my order sheet said that my lights were for a GMC Sierra...but I didn't think twice about that when I ordered because I was under the impression that they were the same size. Did I order the wrong light?

    I'm going to try again tomorrow and take pictures so you guys can see the problem...but to put it simply, the holes don't line up.

    I also planned on giving Recon a call tomorrow to see what's going on, but I figured I would get some opinions on here as well....

    Any Silverado guys run the Recon LED tail lights and have an installation issue??

    Thanks fellas,


    - - - Updated - - -

    Turns out I ordered the wrong ones :neutral:

    Got confused with how they listed their products on the website...ended up ordering the lights for a Sierra. Have new ones on the way, pics will be posted!
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    Hey, quick question, I ordered part #264175Bk smoked taillights yesterday (loos very similar to yours) and they're in the mial already (YAY!). Did you order these too? Hopefully I got the right ones. It is a little confusing on their site (especially when they say 07-13 but then exclued a model year or style for whatever reason).

    Did you get the 3rd break light too? I got the tails, 3rd break light, and the led reverse for 440 with one of those online coupons floating around.

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