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  1. cliff19860

    cliff19860 New Member

    Howdy all,
    I bought a 1990 Suburban recently with no engine or transmission. I have installed a new engine and transmission. My problem is I have no roadmap or guide to reconnectng all of the wiring, emission control equipment, vacuum lines, accessory brackets, etc. Does anyone out there have detailed pictures, or links to sites with pictures, of the engine bay. All of the conventional manuals (Haynes, Chilton, etc.) are woefully inadequate in guiding this extensive reconnection process.
  2. unplugged

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    Your best bet is a "stare and compare" situation. Make friends with someone that has a similar truck and park it next to yours. You can then stare and compare for those connections that you can't figure out on your own. Good luck, and document the info and post it here so that all can benefit from your experience.
  3. GM_Guy

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    I can post a pic of my 89's engine bay, if u want
    or, you can try, click on repair info, you can find diagrams there too
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  4. trenchwarfare

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    I have a 2wd 350 in my 90. I could take some pics, but it may take a little bit.
  5. cliff19860

    cliff19860 New Member

    It would be really cool if you could post those pics- and helpfuf as well.
  6. cliff19860

    cliff19860 New Member

    Any pictures probably would be helpful. Thanks to all who have replied!
  7. collinsperformance

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    i have found the Pick-n-pull university is worth the $2 cost on these issues. i look at a few of the same type vehicle and write notes and take a few picks if there is no one around (cell phones have made it easier) other than that a good chevy service manual is worth the $30 as well....mike

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