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    Besides being a truck nut, my favorite sport is mountain biking. I have designed a bike rack for pickups that allows you to securely carry your bikes along with other recreational gear. Introducing Rec-Rac: An innovative, convenient and secure solution for hauling bikes in your pickup truck bed. They're a great space saver too! More and more street and mountain bikers are choosing Rec-Rac for a hassle-free alternative to most other bike racks for pickups. I have owned 9 pickups over the last 15 years and the new Chevy Silverado is the best for truck and sport. Visit us at

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    Funny you are from Windsor my engineer is the owner of your local bike shop. I have attached a picture of the rack for you. More pictures to follow.

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    yeah, if you had a pick of it mounted in the truck, that would be great.
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    More pictures

    Here are some pics with a bike mounted on a Chevy Colorado and my 2007 Silverado.

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