Red Light Cameras - No Right To Appeal

Discussion in 'North America - Southwest USA' started by ChevyFan, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Wow... harsh.

    Anyone else in the mood for The Ojays right about now..?..

    Money money moneeeeyy... (moooneeeyyy!!)
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    I am an attorney and up in Missouri, those things are extortion!

    The redlight cameras here give a ticket that is a non-moving violation and cheap fine automatically- costs more to get a lawyer than if you just pay it, and no difference in your driving record. They are a total rip off, and the legislature here was thinking of outlawing them, but nothing yet.

    However, there has been talk of a civil RICO suit since the company that installs and owns the cameras gets a piece of the action in some municipalities.
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    Many people pay red light camera and speeding tickets caught by camera without knowing the law.

    If you get a traffic ticket by a a photo enforcement camera - follow these steps: (if your in Arizona - not sure how it works in other states - check your local statues -)

    1. throw the letter in the trash
    2. DO NOT log in with the the PIN number they give you to view your picture - this is an automatic ackowlegement of the violation and you have been served!
    3. The agency has 90-180 days to process serve you if you do not respond to the ticket on the court date - chances are they wont even attempt to serve you.
    4. Points can not be assesed to you license from a camer enforcent ticket nor can it be used as a reason to suspend or revoke ones license.

    I have received 2 of these letters - didnt respond to either one and never heard from the courts.

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