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    I drive a 2003 Chevy Tahoe and "Reduce Engine Power" came across my screen for the first time yesterday morning. So I caught the bus to work when I got home I started the truck up and it did not return I rushed the truck to have the oil changed and all the fluids changed or topped off and when I left the truck was running just fine, but again this morning same message "Reduce Engine Power" I allowed the truck to run for about 6-7 minutes and noticed that the truck was idling to about 3 and would drop back down to the line between 0-1 and it continued for about another 4 minutes and I turned the truck off and started and the message was gone again...Please help me
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    Thank you

    But can you tell me where to fine the wiring harness that plugs into the TPS.
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    Things to look for:
    1. Battery Cables
      Check to make certain that the battery cables are fastened tightly. This might be the #1 most common cause for this message.
    2. Wire Hardness to Throttle Body
      Take a look at the wire harness to the throttle body.

      This is from GM:

      Step 1. Tighten ground G103 located next to the right cylinder head (passenger side) just below the head and mounted into the block. The ground uses a 13 mm bolt head mounted vertically to the engine block just above the bell housing. G104 located behind the left cylinder head has also been found to cause this concern.

      Inspect throttle body torque. If the throttle body is improperly torqued to the intake manifold, remove throttle body and retorque the throttle body mounting nuts per SI in a two step process: 45 lb. / inches. on the 1st pass, and then 89 lb. / inches on the final pass.

      Verify all electrical connections especially right at the TAC module. There have been reports of the plastic retaining tab in the connector missing causing poor contact especially on rough roads.

      Road test vehicle to determine if code re-sets/condition re-occurs. If not return it to customer.

      Step 2. If condition is not corrected using above procedure, or re-occurs, replace throttle body assembly.
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