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  1. grantahoe

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    2004 Tahoe

    Engine Light Reduce Power Message and Disengaged Stabilty Traction Message.
    Diconnect Battery No Trouble. Any Ideas!!!
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  2. jackie

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    Reduced Engine Power

    I drive a 2003 Chevy Tahoe and "Reduce Engine Power" came across my screen for the first time yesterday morning. So I caught the bus to work when I got home I started the truck up and it did not return I rushed the truck to have the oil changed and all the fluids changed or topped off and when I left the truck was running just fine, but again this morning same message "Reduce Engine Power" I allowed the truck to run for about 6-7 minutes and noticed that the truck was idling to about 3 and would drop back down to the line between 0-1 and it continued for about another 4 minutes and I turned the truck off and started and the message was gone again...Please help me
  3. oneforspawn

    oneforspawn New Member

    I drive a 2002 avalanche and I have been getting that "reduced engine power" message along with my traction control button turning on. It happened to me about 2 months ago and then it went away so I ignored it. Its coming up again and I am not sure what is the problem. Someone told me the computer might have to be reprogrammed or sumthing. I will be doing this tomorrow and then I will let you guys know what happens. Also, let me know what you guys find out please. :neutral:

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