Reduce rear sag when towing?

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by Ridyn, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Skippy

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    Just came across this thread. I totally LOVE my weight distribution hitch. Besides the fact I can level the vehicle with the tow, I've also added an in-line sway control system. I've never towed so well, and I'm at nearly the max capacity of the stock vehicle (about 9500lbs towing on the Vortec Max 1500 Silverado, which supports 10K lbs).

    The only drawback is that weight distribution hitches are basically calibrated to a single trailer. If you tow lots of different things, it'll be hard to make it work the way it's designed on different rigs without constant adjustment at the hitch.


  2. Ridyn

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    Oh well, constant re adjustment is just one bad thing out of all the good it can do for my truck!
  3. dsfloyd

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    you two would make good salesman. I looked at them and I already have airbags. :lol:

    I am one of those.:great:
  4. SurrealOne

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    Don't say that! Becoming a sales person would destroy what little credibility I might have... :lol:
  5. dsfloyd

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    Then I apologize :rofl:
  6. The Heater

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    Just my two cents. I have a 2500 series truck, 4x4 long bed, so the height is different. I just bought a 20 foot Wells Cargo custom trailer that has a heavier tongue weight than the class receiver I have, so I either had to put in a class V receiver or use a weight distribution hitch. I chose the latter route. A little bit less expensive than the other option, but not much. However, it transfers the load such that the back of the truck stays level even when I hit dips or bumps, and it does lift the back a little bit. I also have a sway friction control, which I really like. Definitely makes a difference with wind and windy roads.

    The weight distribution hitch set up does scrape going out of some driveways. Lower ground clearance due to the bars and the hitch.

    I am also going to install air bags. Why? I have scoured the RV owner web forums and this is the unanimous recommendation for using a camper or anything that may cause the truck to sway from side to side. It is that or get a dually truck. I am getting them just to have the option to adjust the rear height when I want. I can deflate to minimum pressure the rest of the time and not notice it is there. I am putting in the compressor with control for each side in the cab.

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