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    I have an 03 1500 hd silverado and it has been acting up alot to where it now undrivable. The gauges in the dash are all acting up besides the gas gauge. the both rpm and speedo are skippy, the trans temp is high all the time even when cold, amp engine oil are tacked out, and when engine is running it runs rough. and the now when you start truck it says reduced engine power with engine light on and has little to no accelerater.If someone know what i can do i would greatly apperiate it very much because im clueless.

    thank you for your help
  2. Wolfinthesnow454

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    My truck did this as well. But it was from running it through a healthy sized puddle of water.
    Long story short, engine sucked in some water, shut it down, after getting it dried out somewhat it ran, but only on about 6 cylinders. Mine has the 8.1. The next day it ran fine, no misfire, but the message center said reduced engine power, and it wouldnt go over 15 mph.

    For my situation I had to have the injectors replace, and the throttle body servo replaced; but that was due to water damage. Since the throttle servo was replaced, the dealership had to reprogram the computer for the fuel system. $800.00 later and the problem was fixed. Only thing is, even in my owners manual, it states that silverados with the 8.1 engine have a computer glitch that needs to be fixed if "reduced engine power" shows up.

    Sounds like you have some computer issues. Perhaps you can disconnect the battery for about 20 minutes and go from there. After that, not much else with the computer one can do without the necessary diagnostic tools.

    Check fuses too, you would be amazed at what a blown fuse can do, or prevent...

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