Reduced Power Warning and Engine Check Light

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by caseyjones22, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. caseyjones22

    caseyjones22 New Member

    Has any one heard of the Reduced Power warning that comes on with a check engine light. Mine came on tonight and I lost a majority of the power to my 2005 Colorado. any ideas what the problem could be?
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  2. TrailLeadr

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    I've heard that many of these vehicles have a "limp home" mode. When the ECU expects, or detects catastrophic failure of some engine, or transmission component it will put the engine into that mode to prevent too much damage from being done.

    Can you tell us what the truck was doing at the time of the reduced power warning?
  3. caseyjones22

    caseyjones22 New Member

    I was driving and the truck all of a sudden lost power. no warning no sounds at all. then the warning signs came on. I then drove torward home and the truck died at a light. I then coasted backward to park on the side of the road and then tried to turn the truck back on. It started the reduced power light went off and the check engine stayed on. but full power came back. I drove the car home and havent started it since.
  4. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I would say you should see about getting the codes pulled. They will give you the most info as to what the problem is.
  5. ChevyTech

    ChevyTech Rockstar

    There is a recall on the truck for the A/C. The voltage spikes with the fan switching and causes the car to go in to limp home mode and the A/C stops working . Call GM and see what recalls and updates are open on your truck.
  6. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hey ChevyTech, you didn't mention if that was a NHTSA recall or a factory TSB. The only data I could dig up was this from ConsumerGuide

    Check-engine light:
    The check engine light may come on accompanied by an engine misfire due to weak exhaust valve springs which must be replaced. (2004-05)
  7. ChevyTech

    ChevyTech Rockstar

    I am sorry for not saying if it was a TSB or NHTSA, I got the info from my old GMSTC (General Motors Service Technical College) binders. It was handed out in a Fix it Right the First time Factory Bulletin sheet. Along with a hundred other this is how we messed up tech tips. It was mentioned for the Cobalt and the Pursuit in Canada only with a 4 cyl. engine. We had 2 Colorados come in to the dealer with the same problem, it was determined through tech line that it was possible that the mentioned bulletin might include certain Colorados. Sice it was not a specific Colorado bulletin I did not give the info on the tsb itself. I appologize for making it seem in my previous post that it was a sure fire TSB for the truck, I was at work and had twenty things going at one time and typed faster than I could proof read.

    If it pulls a P0507 code here is the NHTSA info;

    Service Bulletin Number: 3358 Replacement Bulletin Number:
    NHTSA Item Number: 10014876 Date of Bulletin: 19010101
    Failing Component: 060000 ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING
    Date Added to File: 2005-05-11

    P0507= Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected

    This is the more likely cause of the problem.

    A few times I came across missfire codes that caused the problem and the head had to be replaced with an updated assy.
  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    These types of topics are rare, but they're very important when they are needed.

    It's way too late for the OP in this thread to get back in touch with us, but I'm curious if anyone else has gone through this.
  9. 3Horses

    3Horses New Member

    I went threw this with my 2011 Chevy 1500 4.3L V6 this past March 2013 when I had about 52,000 miles, I was on my way south. My truck started to flash the message, "Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, Engine Power is Reduced" Messages. Both my Check engine light and low traction warning lights were on. Truck idled very poorly(misfired) top speed was approx. 40mph really sluggish to get to that speed and the trans shifted really hard. Limped it to a Chevy dealer and they stated two codes P2135 and P0121 due to my failed Throttle Position Sensor(TPS). They replaced the sensor, reprogrammed the ECU and reset the Idle. I now have over 60,000 miles and that issue has never returned. My truck gave no sign or warning before the sensor failed, at-least it didn't leave me stranded and I was able to limp it to my hotel and to the dealer in the morning.

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