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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by RescueRon, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. RescueRon

    RescueRon New Member

    :confused: I have an 08 colorado with 92,000. after crusing @ 2000 RPM or lower, the check engine light will come on, start running rough (like a misfire) and give me an REDUCED POWER warning message

    NORMSCOLORADO Rockstar 100 Posts

    well it could be a number of things do you have an after market intake? because if the mass air flow sensor or the throttle body gets dirty it may do it, if your battery is low or getting bad that may do it because the alternator cant put out enough to run the computer and the electronics at low rpms also. BTW holy crap 92k on a 08!

    but i would go to auto zone and have them run their scan tool to see what codes its running if you can get it there.....

    also do you have the I-5? if so they did have a head problem they are warrantied up to 100,000 miles the code will come up PO300 multiple engine misfire if so take it to the dealer ship and they have to replace it! basically a new top end!

    here is a full list of the scan codes for the colorado/ canyon from another forum im on! good luck
  3. b_burdine

    b_burdine Rockstar 100 Posts

    This happened to me awhile back. I can almost guarantee it's your knock sensor. Done any mudding lately?
  4. RescueRon

    RescueRon New Member

    Thanks for the info. I have not done any aftermarket mods to the engine. Will the codes pull up when the check engine light is off? (light will be on for about 20 min then will go off).

    FYI...I work for a roadside asistance company based out of Lewisville texas. I open new operations (we are currently in 17 cities in 11 states), and troubleshoot existing cities. I do drive to these locations!!!(got to have my tools).
  5. DIGS16

    DIGS16 Rockstar 100 Posts

    this happen to me a while back in my 04 silverado... i was driving into a parking structure at school and it was extremely hot in the parking structure because no wind was going through the structure... if u read the manual it says i could be possible overheating and the computer is simply reducing the engine power as to not damage the engine... i thought maybe it didnt have any water but check that and the reservoir tank was at the required level and no apparent leaks... then a day later check the oil level and it was slightly below where it should be...
    where u not in open air as to not let the engine cool down?

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