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    I need opinions. I want to regear my truck, it has a 4.3l v6 and I'm looking into putting some 32" tall tires. And I was thinking of 3.73 gears. What's your opinion? But most importantly I want to know how it'll affect my gas mileage. I do mostly city driving
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    This chart (see link below) should help you make a decision. Gas mileage is certainly a point to think about but you may also want to consider some other items as well, for example:
    *Transmission wear and additional heat (if any, given your parameters)
    *Torque [power] for towing, passing, hills, etc.
    *Cost it worth it? -not sure if you have a 2wd or 4wd, but it can be quite pricey especially if you have a 4wd
    *Do you think you may go with a larger tire than the 32" once these wear out

    IMO, you should establish and your goal or purpose for re-gearing (if you have not already) and work backwards from there.

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