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    :I joined a while back when looking up info on a possible tpi change over. Not sure where to post as I did so much to my 89 4x4 GMC suburban. It started out a simple motor change and spray paint job...

    Well it became a bit more. Every nut and bolt on this thing was rusted, broken, or garbage. Example a simple set of new bushings resulted in an entire 2.5" lift kit from bad springs. Changed a fender,entire grill, rebuild headlight assembly on one side as a result of a previous accident somewhere along the line of this things history. Completely stripped the interior and changed to gray from brown. As the truck is green/black. I did the plastic in black and left the soft gray with a bit of green highlights. As well as some aluminum in places.(can't get away from aluminum from racing days) I built an overhead console to house a 24"LCD TV to work with an Xbox and with hotspotting from my phone? One could not only watch movies but passengers could play online gaming while driving down the road. This thing has been triple the work and ten times the cost I had once figured.

    Now I'm ready to fire the new motor and I stayed with the tbi for its dependability. Sorry to say but after everything else that has gone wrong on this thing? The tbi wont spray for no apparent reason. I'm just sick about it. So much time and effort on this thing and it wont fire.

    I'll try to load a pic or two.
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    well it sounds like you definitely did tons of work to your truck. I'd really like to see where/how the 24" LCD fits in the truck. Do you have any before and after pics to get a better idea of just how far you've come?

    Welcome again!
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    Welcome back :great:
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    Would love to see some photos of this, sorry that your having issues, it's not pumping at all?
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    I have tons of pics but I only have phone to do this from and the attachment field is not allowing me to see the pics to browse..just the file name. I'm really looking forward to going through and renaming 350 pics.
    oh, maybe I should have put that the TV is motorized? ;)

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    i posted in the general t&a and the fuel section praying for an answer. There is NO reason it shouldn't spray. I'm out of money and time. I'm distraught over it. I stayed with tbi for reliability and I get screwed for my logic.
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    Welcome to the Club!! Hopefully, things will get turned around for you with this one last item. Keep us posted.
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    Tried to upload pics in an I can tell I can create a title and discription but not actually browse to post a pic? How helpful and user friendly? Am I missing something or is there no option to "browse" photos to choose between them. My phone wont even allow me to rename a photo?
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    Welcome to GMTC! Pull up a tailgate and sit a spell.
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    Hope you can get the pic issue fixed. I would love to see some pics.
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    welcome Back good luck with the project......:sign0016:

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