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Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by sundancer2004, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. sundancer2004

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    My thoughts are moveing towards a Chevrolet 2500 w/ the duramax. i listen to people saying not to go with Chevrolet but with Dodge. No one can say definitely what the problems are just inuendo. Can i get some straight skinny from you fellas that own Chevrolet Duramax what I can expect. I intend to keep the vehicle more than seven years. I live in coastal NC so rust via road salt and calcium chloride isn't an issue. Is it true that a deisel doesn't realy break in till about 150.000 200.000 miles? Ok guys, don't sugar coat it, tell it like it is..thanks Steve
  2. vncj96

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    My uncle used to have the cummins for his work trucks (6 of them) and when he first drove the duramz that was it for him, all are duramax now. his personal vehicle is running around 800hp and 1000lbs of tq, he has added some water injection, programmer, upgraded exhaust and turbo. He also gets about 26mpg and while pulling some of his work equipment(bobcats, backhoes and always an ATV in the bed)His personal vehilce has about 200,000mi on it and not a problem
  3. tbplus10

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    My wife and I untill recently owned a small hotshot freight company that had 7 haulers, at one point we had 1 Ford, 1 Dodge, 4 Duramax equipt. Chevys, and an early 80's Chevy Diesel.
    The Duramax engines were quieter than the other engines.
    Maintenance and breakdown was about equal for all the trucks as was performance in stock condition.
    After we added Banks Big Head kits, water injection, Banks exhaust, and Propane injection kits the Duramax engines responded with better MPG and seat of the pants horsepower, we never had any of them Dyno tuned so I couldnt atest to them actually having more HP.
    In the 1ton truck market brand loyalty probably weighs heavier than any other factor, all these trucks are built to work, each brand has its own qwerks and issues none of them are 100% perfect.
  4. 1st Synthetics

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    I have an '08 2500Hd with a Duramax and I love it. I tow and plow snow with it. I would not trade it for any other truck on the market, I love it. The problem with the Dodge is the transmission. I plan on driving mine for at least the 7 years like you are talking. The only problems I have had have been some electronic and re flash issues with it. They were all covered under warranty.
  5. 08bowtie

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    How did that re-flash work for ya, leave ya stranded anywhere? The problem with diesels is that they are more prone to winter issues from what I have heard and seen. Come winter time this place will be lighting up with gelling issues, limp modes, air box issues and so on. :lol::lol:I was going to get a duramax but settled for a 6.0 votec because of these issues, the last thing I need is going into limp mode in the winter 60 miles from home and then dealing with the dealer the next good luck with that, I realize you don't have any winters where you are but check this place out in January, you will get a good laugh.:rules::lol::rofl:
  6. 1st Synthetics

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    In near Detroit so I do get winters here. It was very cold last year and I never even pluged my truck in, and still no problems. The re flash was a recall so no getting stranded for me.

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