Remember your first car?

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  1. BettyTheBurban

    BettyTheBurban New Member

    I had a 1985 F150 (2wd) with around 80k original miles. Pretty clean and fun to drive, but I was repairing something on it every weekend. It was a piece of work. Sold it for $800 I think.
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  2. CaptBob

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    OH wow, reading that ford thread I just remembered,, there was a car in between the 61 Impala Convertible, and the 1968 GTO, I bought a 63 Ford, Galaxie with gold TBird emblems on the front fender, bench seat and factory 4 speed,, those emblems announced a 390 engine,, that thing I think had 3:55 gears and man would scream on top end.

    The problem with it was I couldn't keep motor mounts in it. Every time I tried drag race with friends, I ended up taking out the motor mount, I think the drivers side. But when it would go, the reservoir for the radiator was fixed to the intake by a J-necked tube off the thermostat, then a short stiff hose went from it to the radiator, a real genius designed that! But when the mount would go the engine would rare up and the fan would hit the hose and that would break the seal from the flange over the thermostat and the J-neck. Ya my experience with the fords have been if ya like to play,, plan an repairs.

    Ya I learned pretty soon not to come outa the hole too hard with it, and to be careful grabbing second gear. But then it cost ya a lotta races. But wasn't many could out run it on top end. I liked quick not so much top end so that's why I ended up with GTO with 4:33's in it. I couldn't outrun many on top end,,, but very few could get me in the 1/4 mile, and even fewer in the 1/8th. Getting rid of the high top end chit was probably why I'm alive today,, I had even less brains back then,,,, but dam we had fun!!
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  3. Warreneaux

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    Guess I'm quite a bit older than most. My first car was a 1950 Ford 2-dr Custom with Flat Head V-8 and Overdrive.
    A great car for a High-School senior.
    It looked exactly like this photo, sun-visor, skirts and color.
    My first car.jpg
  4. Sal Pavlovic

    Sal Pavlovic New Member

    my first car was 94 PT Cruiser had that for about a year than got into 1999 Ford F 250 than traded that for Vlovo S80 and not i have Chevy 1500
  5. BornAgainBiker55

    BornAgainBiker55 Rockstar 100 Posts

    It's fun to hear some of the older car memories. It's got me thinking to restoring a few cars with my father over the years. A '30 Ford Model A, then a '55 Chevy 210, we just finished a '76 Corvette Stingray L-46 a few years ago.
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  6. P-Dub

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    68 toyota corolla, I was in the Navy in 1980 and in the Philippines;I paid 300 bucks ran like a champ. The front end, axle, drivers side had rusted through and was held together with a chain!! it was awesome, you got to love the ingenuity of people when there is no money to fix things properly, it also had a section on the rear quarter panel that had the worse fiber glass job known to man.

    I love that car, I got it stuck in a river one day while crossing, I got water on the distributor cap that was cracked.

    In the PI the people did not have a lot of money for repairs so anything you needed to fix you had to get a rebuild kit, I get back to the states and find for more money you can just by the new part. We got it good here.

    Ahhh the good ole days. :)

    First car in the states was 66 Ford Galaxy with a fast back 390 motor, that was a really cool car.

    thanks for letting me reminisce
  7. tbplus10

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    1967 Dodge Dart Gt, came with The "not so rare" but optional 383 blown motor stuck in the trunk and 4 sod trans. Bought it from a neighbor that purchased it new in 67, in 1979 When I was 15, hoping to have a cool cruiser before my 16th bday and license.
    Great plan until I got it running within a month after the purchase, so proud of myself I showed it off to my dad by doing a nice long Smokey burn out in front of my parents house, and the neighbors, and the next neighbors.
    It was sold before I got home from school the next day.
    So I used the money to buy a 1976 Mustang II. Yes I learned a lesson, it was almost a year before my dad realised the "Little" Mustang II also came with a very potent and hot rod able 302 as an optional engine and they didn't advertise it with fancy stickers on the outside.
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  8. P-Dub

    P-Dub Active Member 100 Posts

    66 galaxy, 68 toyota corolla

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  9. jake's silverado

    jake's silverado Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    1973 Honda Civic Hatchback. Wish it was the CVCC but still had loads of fun in that. Nick named it Hopzing!

    Now what are some of your memories around your first Car... hmmmm
  10. BornAgainBiker55

    BornAgainBiker55 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Probably going to date myself with this memory, but everyone can get a kick out of it I'm sure. When I first had that suv, gas was just north of $1 a gallon. One spring day on the way to school I noticed it had dropped to $0.99, so I grabbed some friends. We ditched school and we drove around all day, burned two tanks of gas simply for the joy of driving around.

    If I remember correctly, it had somewhere around a 20 gallon tank. I do remember it got an impressive 10 MPG (the way I drove it) out of the little 2.6 l 4 cylinder. 5 speed manual transmission.

    Sometimes I miss disposable income...

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