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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by TMRuiz, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. TMRuiz

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    Morning GMTC friends, as you may know I have an 07 NBS LS Silverado with keyless entry. I was informed that my truck already has the remote start option built into my truck and that all I need is the remote start remotes. Does anyone know of this being true and or who has done this? Would love to find out before I spend $$$ on an aftermarket remote start. If I have it factory I'd rather use it.
    Thanks in advanced.

    If I find out this is true before anyone responds I will post my results.
  2. Z07

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    Look for RPO codes AP3 and/or AP8 on your options sticker.

    From another forum:
    "The RPO code AP3 means remote start and comes with the key fobs with the remote start button
    The RPO code AP8 means remote start ready but the you need to get different key fobs with the button for remote starting."

    I think if you google those RPOs you'll find your answer.
  3. Z71_guy

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    what he said, the RPO list is in the glove box
  4. TMRuiz

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    Thanks fellas, I'll check that as soon as I get back home.

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