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  1. rocz

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    i was thinkin' of puttin' a remote start on my 'o4 Tahoe and they said that i need a bypass key. i was in best buy when i asked. what is a bypass key? thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my question.
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    I found this article to be pretty helpful.

    STEP 11: Select a system that can bypass the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) immobilizer systems if your car is equipped with one. The OEM system requires a key with a microchip imbedded in it to start the car. Some manufacturers have created ways to bypass this when engaging their remote start product.
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  3. sindawg10

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    I also have an 04 Tahoe, I have an Autopage remote start/alarm on mine. I didn't need a bypass key, just some type of box/wiring harness that hooked into the factory alarm system then off to the new remote start/alarm. I don't remember exactly what was done, but I do know for sure that I didn't need another key. Also I bought my Tahoe new, then had the remote start/alarm put in. Some places will say that you need certain things just to get more money from you, I could go on about it from personal experiences with after market add ons. If you need more on this issue, just hit me up on this site and I sure will do my best to answer from my own experiences.

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