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Discussion in 'Ask GM Customer Service' started by Red Z71 Max, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Red Z71 Max

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    Can a factory remote start be added to a 2011 GMC Sierra SLE? I had an 09 that had it on it. I really loved that feature and miss it on my 11.

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  3. Red Z71 Max

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    Mike, Thanks for the fast response. I'm still not sure what I need. I do have the AP8 service parts code on my 11 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. It has the 6 speed auto with no rear defroster or power sliding window. Do I just need the 2 key fobs part#17801236 or do I also need the part#19171128 or both??? Just a little confused and is this have to go to a dealer for install and programming??
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    I checked my "build sheet" and my truck was prepped for remote start too. That would be great to have on these 20-degree mornings and need to warm the truck up so junior does not freeze.:gasp:

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    Having RPO Code "AP8" on the Service Parts List (White Sticker)....then you have the Remote Starter Prep-Package......

    As I mentioned in the other Thread......the Programming of the New Remote Start Fobs......Must Be DONE by the Dealer Only.....for this Reason......
    The kit includes two Remote Fobs and an UNLOCK Authorization Security Code that the Tech at the Dealer needs when they call G.M. to do the Programming of the New Fobs.......with that being say, Do Not Buy the Remote Start Fobs off of them from the Dealer Only.......IIRC the one you are wanting is.....#17801236 ......But double Check with your Dealer, to be sure.

    Remote Start
    Upgrade your factory remote key-less entry to a standard Remote Start system, or choose the advanced technology of the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start featuring extended range and enhanced functionality. Both are seamlessly integrated with your Silverado's anti-theft and remote key-less entry systems.

    Factory Remote Start - For Use on Vehicles with Extended Range Remote Lock Control (AP8), Includes 2 Fobs

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  6. Red Z71 Max

    Red Z71 Max New Member

    Thanks again Mike for clearing that up for me!!! I'm pretty sure that is definately going to be done to my truck. My 09 had it and it was great for the hot and cold days!!! Thanks again!!!!

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    Your Welcome...........:glasses:

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