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    whooops ... :oops: yea i meant ap8 ... gotten confused with the tow mirror upgrade and this ... I'm a bit unsure on the two ways because ... ever since I programmed my truck with my edge evolution programmer onstar has been unable to read my tpms or any of the other things it checks, just gives errors. So, I don't know if the two ways would work with my situation ... going to have to look into it a little more. Anyways just wondering how the two way works and find out what would be best ... also to see if the dealership charges an install fee.
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    I know, this thread is old. But I have to go through this remote starter problem again. I paid for package contains pre-wiring for remote starter. I got RPO code AP8. I asked at dealership where I bought my truck, what I need to order. Looked like they never did it before. I asked at different dealership and they are asking $299. Isn't that little to much??? Everything is already pre-wired. I need only key fob and reprogramming of computer. Any car alarm shop can install aftermarket remote starter for around $250. Than, what is the sense of that pre-wiring from factory??????:grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr:
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    I have a 2012 silerado with ap8 code and i have remotes and access to tis. Can i program? Dealer even with ap8 i need to purchase 250.00 kit even though i have remotes.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor can Not Do the Programming, it MUST be Done by the Dealer, for the Following Reason.....The Kit Includes Two Remote Fobs and an Unlock Authorization Security Code, That's included In The Starter Kit.....that the Dealer needs when they call G.M.....

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    Hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse, I've done a lot of searching on google and various forums. This one being the most comprehensive I figured I'd ask here. I have the AP8 code which means I can add on remote start but I'd like to have the advanced 2 way paging system with LCD on the transmitters. Reading through this thread it looks like if I add the remote start then I can add

    19171129 2-Way Advanced Remote Start - Use on Extended Cab Models with Remote Keyless Entry and Engine Start (AP3) or Crew Cab Models with Remote Keyless Entry and Engine Start (AP3), But Without Rear Sliding Power Window (A48)

    Is this true? Where I live it's on street parking and during the winter when I'd like to be using this the regular transmitters aren't going to reach the winter parking lot.
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    welcome to the club
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    It would be cheaper to have an aftermarket remote start installed. Plus, in most cases you will get a longer range.

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